Black Swan Special Events

By definition, a surprise!

Wedding Flower Packages


12-Piece Wedding Party Flower Package #1     16-Piece Package #2

1-Bridal Bouquet                                                     1-Bridal Bouquet
2-Bridesmaid Bouquets                                     4-Bridesmaid Bouquets
2- Corsages                                                                 2- Corsages
1-Toss Bouquet                                                          1-Toss Bouquet
6- Boutonnieres                                                          8- Boutonnieres

 $250                                                         $325

20-Piece Wedding Party Flower Package #3     26-Piece Package #4

1-Bridal Bouquet                                                      1- Bridal Bouquet
6-Bridesmaid Bouquets                                 8-Bridesmaid Bouquets       
2- Corsages                                                               2- Corsages   
1-Toss Bouquet                                                        1-Toss Bouquet   
Up to 10-Boutonnieres                                    Up to 12- Boutonnieres
$475                                                        $600

Complete Standard Wedding  Packages

26-Piece Standard Flower Package #1              35-Piece Package #2

Wedding Party Personals:                          Wedding Party Personals:
1-Bridal Bouquet                                                     1-Bridal Bouquet
2- Bridesmaid Bouquets                                   4-Bridesmaid Bouquets
2- Corsages                                                              2- Corsages
1-Toss Bouquet                                                       1-Toss Bouquet
Up to 6- Boutonnieres                                             Up to 8- Boutonnieres

Ceremony:                                                              Ceremony:
3- Arch/Gazebo Pieces                                         3- Arch/Gazebo Pieces
---OR---                                                                     ---OR---
2- Altar Pieces                                                           2- Altar Pieces 

Reception:                                                               Reception:
10-Low Centerpieces                                               15-Low Centerpieces
1-Sweetheart/Head Table Arrangement 1- Sweetheart/Head Table Argmt
$1,100                                                                                           $1,325 



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